Save-A-Plane is my concept website for my thesis. A non-profit organization, Save-A-Plane is aimed for younger audiences and aviation enthusiasts. It collects brief histories of some of the world's greatest historical aircraft, and allows a user to learn about said aircraft and donate to a museum who is restoring the plane, in hopes to keep these planes of history alive and allowing people to learn.
Below is the prototype website. Please browse around!
My original logo was a GIF of a Corsair prop turning, however, realizing how bad an idea that was small scale, I began experimenting with more simplistic ideas.
The final design, is actually the letter 'A' in the font used. I created what I think looks like a tail of an aircraft, while retaining the whole premise of the site to save A plane.
Along with the website, I also made a series of animations with narrations about a few of the aircraft shown on the site. All textures are my own, or edits of the original texture found in the model. All textures were made in Photoshop on the 3D model itself (photoshop is a heck of a program!) All animations were compiled in Blender, and recorded and exported through After Effects.
As I was getting carried away with all the models and playing around with them in Photoshop, I ended up doing a plane a day kind of thing on my instagram, which I thought could also be a good source for the website.

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