Here is a collection of a few personal and commission works.
Firstly, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. My favorite band, and if you've ever seen them in concert, you'll know how awesome they are. If not, I hope one day you'll see one, because it is worth it. I do have a confession, I've seen Trans-Siberian Orchestra 14, yes, 14 times! And not once have I ever been disappointed. And I'd be too embarrassed to tell you how many photos I've taken, so I hope these posters save that embarrassment for me.
Hamilton. Only the best musical I've ever listened to, and the only person who loves it more than me is my sister. This was her graduation present from me.
Maureen Sheahan was my first commission. She asked if I could design her campaign poster and logo.
When our family dog, Shadow, past away last year, we were all heartbroken. But I wanted to honor my puppers.

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